This crisis… these finances…

Autumn interview with oneself

Crisis– how to save the finances ?

It is the people, and the Earth, that need saving in the first place. Life proves over and over again that an old patch is not a good idea on a new piece of clothing We are tempted by provisional solutions, quick fixes of the present financial machinery. On the otherhand we become more and more aware of its core*structural shortcomings. Shall we protest, demand short-term improvements, execrate, rely on this hopeless, irrational usury – oriented engine or shall we rather build another onewith all our energy and intelligence?

World crisis …?

Do we agree to go through the same suffering and tragedies over and over again? Do we consent to the next war ? A world one? Provocation – reaction – escalation. We sow the wind and we reap the hurricane.

Let the war be somewhere, anywhere but where we live…?

There is no other “somewhere”.

Is a better world possible?

When actionis steered with insight… Are we able to see clearly ?…Or does the blind still lead the lame ? The mind still breeds the gods of selfishness, wealth, power…a drop may spill the cup….

Will the gods crush us ?

They have emerged because we mistakenly took being diverse for being absolutelyseparate.Becausethe dignity of being unique was erroneously taken for the dignity of being totally separateBecause we mistakenly regard ego-defense sensitivity as the key to true power and strength, whereas the defense-less sensitivity is considered to be a weakness,to be contemptible. Because we still go on with calculations how to defeat those we have radically separated ourselves from in an artificial way: You take black, I take white, we are enemies. Because 'I have, I had, I shall have’ blocks out 'I am’.

The gods in our hearts may scatter like autumn leaves.

Good interview

Wake up my Homeland

Noted down by Szczesny Zygmunt Gorski


* Currency Wars Song Hongbing.html download